Our Security Locking Fuel Caps are designed to eliminate the possibility of unauthorized persons opening the fuel ports to remove fuel or introduce foreign materials

Locking Fuel Caps

Decrease the possibility of somebody stealing your fuel or airplane on the transit lines. Replace your existing thermos style fuel caps in the early model aircraft using our Security Locking Fuel Caps. You will never have to worry about not fully closing your fuel cap and losing fuel while airborne. The key cannot be removed unless your fuel cap assembly is properly seated in the fuel port and locked. Check Six Aerosolutions’ Security Locking Fuel Cap Assembly includes fuel port reducers to ensure that there is no possibility of misfuelling your piston aircraft with Jet A Fuel, and to comply with Mandatory Service Bulletin No. 2045.


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35-B33, C33
35, A35 thru G35
36, A36, A36TC
58, 95, B95
60, A60, 76
B55, B55A, C55
B95A, D95A
C33A, E33C
C55A, D55
D55A, E55
E55A thru A56TC
E95, 95 thru A55
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P35 thru V35B
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