GA Aircraft Maintenance & Repair

Our in-house team of licensed A&P mechanics and avionics technicians offer maintenance, repair, and modification to the GA aircraft community in Southern California and beyond.  Services include:

  • Annuals and Oher Aircraft Inspections
  • Airframe Structural Repairs and Modifications
  • Pitot-Static(91.411) and Transponder (91.413) Testing
  • Nitrogen and High PSI Nitrogen Services
  • Oxygen and Long-Range Oxygen Services

As an Authorized GARMIN Avionics Dealer in Wenatchee, CheckSix AeroSolutions offers sales and installation services of the most comprehensive lineup of avionics in the industry.  GARMIN installations are available at both its Wenatchee (EAT) and Palm Springs (PSP) repair stations. Learn More about the latest GARMIN equipment.

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