Trusted Part 145 Repair Station and Authorized Garmin Dealer

In addition to being an Authorized Garmin Dealer, CheckSix AeroSolutions has a variety of Beech STC’d and PMA parts.


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Color-Coded Control Knobs

CheckSix AeroSolutions’ set of gold, red and blue anodized, aluminum control knobs and center buttons. The perfect replacement for discolored, worn and cracked plastic knobs.

Applicable for model series: 35, 33, 36

Tow Bar

CheckSix AeroSolutions’ tow bar securely fits in the nose wheel, eliminating the possibility of the tow pins disengaging. Our tow bar is durable, adjustable, and powder coated in Baron red. Collapsing quickly for easy stowing in the baggage compartment, our tow bar is built for travel and for use.

Engine Upgrade Modifications

Are you ready to experience better climb, a far cooler running engine, and higher performance without the high cost of replacing your existing engine? Upgrade to 470N Cylinders for new life in your old E225-8 engine.

Stainless Steel Battery Box

Take the battery out of the cockpit in early models and bring forward to in front of the firewall. Avoid the maintenance problems associated with corrosion of your existing aluminum battery box.

Instrument Panel Modifications

Complete Instrument Panel replacement gives you the opportunity to eliminate old existing fabric-covered wiring along with the high costs of maintaining air-driven
instruments. Upgrade to current electrical instrumentation, avionics, circuit breakers, and hardware.

Pilot, Co-Pilot Seat Modifications

Fatigued after a short trip sitting on the fixed pilot/co-pilot bench seat? Need more leg room and a reclining seat for your co-pilot? Replace your existing pilot/co-pilot bench with individual sliding, adjustable seats

Rear Seat Modifications

Modify your existing rear bench seat, by removing the existing backrest and installing two individual, adjustable backrests.

Security Locking Fuel Caps

Deter aircraft theft, fuel leakage and misfuelling with this CheckSix AeroSolutions’ Security Locking Fuel Cap solution. The issue of misfuelling has been significant enough to cause Beech to issue mandatory S/B #2045 regarding misfuelling of piston aircraft with Jet A fuel. Installers will find the installation instruction concise and well thought out. You, your aircraft, and your fuel are too valuable to leave unprotected.