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CheckSix AeroSolutions is an Authorized Garmin Dealer capable of supporting a wide range of aircraft. We are committed to making sure you have the best equipment available for your mission. GARMIN installations are available at both of our Repair Stations- Wenatchee (EAT) and Palm Springs (PSP). Make your dream panel come to life with us here at CheckSix AeroSolutions.


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GTX 345

The GTX 345 series of Mode S Extended Squitter (ES) transponders, provides a one-box, one-swap solution that enables owners and operators to meet ADS-B “out” requirements with minimal expense, downtime and disruption to their panels — while providing all the weather and traffic benefits of ADS-B “In”.

GTX 335

For aircraft operators looking to satisfy the ADS-B “Out” equipage rules as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, the Garmin GTX 335 ES transponder offers the ideal one-box, one-swap solution. It’s optionally available with a built-in WAAS GPS position source so everything needed to meet compliance standards for a certified ADS-B “Out” solution can be provided with this simple all-in-one package installation.

GNX 375

All the capability of an IFR-certified Garmin GPS approach-capable navigator, combined with a state-of-the-art ADS-B in/out Mode-S transponder.


GTN 650/750XI

With more pixels, more processing power, more speed and performance, the GTN 750/650 Xi systems bring exciting new growth capabilities to the industry’s premier GPS/Nav/Comm/MFD platform. Fly the approaches you want — from visual glidepaths to LPV, RNAV, ILS and more. Upgrade? The new GTN Xi series offers easy slide-in upgrade for existing GTN avionics.


The GPS 175 navigator interfaces with a variety of Garmin flight displays, including G3X Touch (experimental and certified), G5 (experimental and certified), G500/G600, G500 TXi/G600 TXi as well as select third-party displays. Plus, it’s also compatible with many legacy, composite-input based CDIs — allowing you to keep your existing CDI and have an easier, more cost-effective installation. Adding a GPS 175 navigator to your cockpit is a straightforward, all-bases-covered proposition.


Big capabilities come in a small package with the GNC 355 navigator. With its bright, clear high-resolution touchscreen display, you can have the advanced navigation functions you’ve always dreamed of — along with modern Comm radio capabilities. Entering flight information is a cinch, and accessing every function is fast and easy. It’s equally at home in certificated aircraft or an experimental aircraft. And it’s the same 2” height as older navigation equipment and can allow you to keep the composite legacy CDIs already in your aircraft to minimize installation cost¹. That makes GNC 355 the smart, affordable way to add next-generation navigation to your favorite airplane.



Upgrade from mechanical instruments to a modern touchscreen glass cockpit with solutions for PFD, MFD and optional engine indication system (EIS) capabilities. Pair with your GFC™ 500 autopilot and select navigators to fly fully coupled approaches. Certified for installation in hundreds of single-engine piston aircraft. Wirelessly transfer flight plans and more by using built-in Connext® technology.

G500/600 TXi

Upgrade your panel with advanced flight displays that put all the high-value flight information you want right in your field of view. Install advanced 10.6” and 7” touchscreen displays with PFD and MFD functionality. Monitor piston-engine performance with optional EIS capabilities. Pair with your GFC™ 500 or GFC™ 600 autopilot1 and select navigators to fly fully coupled approaches. Fully compatible with original G500 system sensors for a simplified, cost-effective upgrade.


Adaptable to a full range of instrument formats and functions, the GI 275 electronic display lets you keep the classic look of your panel while upgrading with modern, reliable glass touchscreen display technology. How do you see it? Attitude, altitude, airspeed, CDI, HSI, MFD or EIS.


The G5 electronic flight instrument delivers exceptional performance, reliability and ease of installation as a drop-in replacement for primary attitude and/or directional gyros in type-certificated fixed-wing aircraft. For select aircraft equipped with G500 or G500 TXi, G5 can also be used as a standby flight instrument to those systems. Providing an economical upgrade path via a comprehensive AML, the compact and cost-effective G5 is bringing modern “glass cockpit” reference to thousands of aircraft that would otherwise depend on older, vacuum-driven equipment.



The revolutionary GFC 500 autopilot brings unprecedented levels of capability, reliability and affordability to light piston, fixed-wing aircraft. GFC 500 leverages the advanced attitude-based flight control technology developed for the popular GFC 700 autopilot, which drives the most advanced glass flight deck systems. To help prevent incidents caused by loss of control, the FAA and other regulators encourage the use of key technologies, such as angle-of-attack indicators and autopilots, to help increase situational awareness, reduce pilot workload and enhance safety of flight. GFC 500 is the right product — at the right price — for certified light GA aircraft. Boasting a superior feature set, GFC 500 incorporates a number of safety-enhancing technologies, including Garmin ESP, underspeed and overspeed protection, automatic LVL mode, vertical navigation (VNAV) mode³, flight director (FD) command cues and more.


Designed for aftermarket installation on high-performance single- and twin-engine piston aircraft as well as turboprops and jets, the GFC 600 flight control system offers an impressive array of top-level safety and performance features. Leveraging technologies developed for our popular GFC 700 autopilot that drives our most advanced glass flight deck systems, these sophisticated features include Garmin ESP, underspeed and overspeed protection, automatic LVL mode, airspeed climb and decent (IAS) mode, vertical navigation (VNAV) mode2, flight director (FD) command cues and more.


GDL60 Datalink w/ PlaneSync Technology

Streamline your flight prep and enjoy your aircraft more with the GDL 60 datalink and PlaneSync™ technology. It’s the connected aircraft solution that automatically updates your avionics databases, logs flight/engine data7 and lets you remotely check fuel and systems status via your Garmin Pilot™ smart-device app. GDL 60 is the datalink that enables our PlaneSync technology; it is compatible with GTN™ Xi navigators and select flight decks. In flight, you can use Connext® services to interface portable devices and apps with your avionics.