Trusted 145 Repair Station with PMA, and Authorized Garmin Dealer.

CheckSix AeroSolutions, LLC (Aviation Research Systems Repair Station) is a dealer for most avionics manufacturers, including an Authorized Garmin Avionics Dealer. In addition to our product line, we have new and serviceable Beech parts as well as new and serviceable avionics and instruments

Stainless Steel Battery Box

With CheckSix AeroSolutions’ Stainless Steel Battery Box Assembly, take the battery box out of the cockpit in your early model Bonanza and install on the engine side of the firewall. If you are replacing the battery box in your later model Bonanza, the mounting location for the new box assembly remains the same.


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35 THRU V35B, 35-33 THRU F33A,
  • 35-G35
  • 35-33 thru 35-C33A
  • E33-G33
  • H35-V35B
  • 36
  • A36-A36TC
  • B36TC