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Aviation Research Inc. is a dealer for most of the avionics manufacturers. In addition to our product line, we have new and serviceable Beech parts as well as new and serviceable avionics and instruments.

STC's & PMAs

Instrument Panel Modification

We have 2 x STC’s that modify different models of Beech aircraft (listed on each STC) with new instrument panels that can be used with our Garmin avionics or original instruments/radios/navigation.  Current ARS website has a good description, but doesn’t do enough to sell our ability to provide Garmin avionics as an Authorized Garmin Aviation Dealer.  Let’s hammer home that capability on this page (in addition to more prominent Garmin advertising on home page)

    • STC SA4381WP
    • STC SA4193WE

Security Locking Fuel Cap

We have 3 x STC’s that modify different models of Beech aircraft (listed on each STC) with locking fuel caps that also provides a wing fuel port reducer to allow only appropriate fuel nozzles into the port to keep the wrong fuel to be introduced into the aircraft.  The only difference between the STC’s is the aircraft model types that can have the modification.  Parts are essentially the same for each STC, just different sizes to fit the various models.

    • STC SA5902NM
    • STC SA00245SE
    • STC SA00246SE

Gap Seals

We have one STC that modifies a few Beech model aircraft (listed in the STC) with fuselage, aileron, and flap gap seals that reduce drag and improves aerodynamic performance (better fuel efficiency/stability).

    • STC SA3584NM

Wing Change

We have one STC that allows installation of Beech 95-E55 wings, fuel selector assembly, fuel gauges, and all related fuel couplings on a Beech 95-C55 aircraft.

    • STC SA1827NM

Stainless Steel Battery Box

We have 2 x STC’s that modify different models of Beech aircraft (listed on each STC) with replacement stainless steel battery boxes.  For older models, it moves battery box to make room for instrument panel upgrades and for all models it replaces worn/corroding original battery boxes.  It also has a locking mechanism for added security from theft/tampering.

    • STC SA00460SE
    • STC SA00423SE

Fiberglass Stinger Tail Cone

We have one STC to replace existing metal tailcone/fairing on a variety of Beech aircraft models (listed on STC) with a fiberglass tail fairing.  It doesn’t corrode or dent like metal.  Also allows for addition of a tail strobe light or navigation antenna.

    • STC SA1722WE

Engine Change

We have one STC that allows installation of Continental TSIO-520-D engine and McCauley 3A32C76-S-M/82NB-2 propeller, derated to 260 hp and 2625 rpm on a Beech P35 model only.

    • STC SA4903NM

Engine Conversion Modification

We have two STC’s that go together to modify a variety of Beech model aircraft (listed in the STC’s) with older Continental E225-8 engines by upgrading them to 470N cylinders.  Much better engine performance without big cost of putting an entirely new engine in aircraft.

E225-8 Engine Modification

​STC/PMA modification for Beech models 35 thru G35 allows you to keep your existing TCM engine while:

  • ​Increasing your horsepower without the huge expense of installing an IO-470 engine.
  • Shortening Take-Off Runs.
  • Increasing Rate of Climb.
  • Increasing Cruise Speed at Cruising Altitudes.
  • Dramatically Decreasing Cylinder Head Temperatures.
  • Decreasing Oil Temperature.
  • Minimizing Total Oil Burn.
  • Allows Use of 100LL Fuel.
  • Less Plug fouling occurs due to the higher compression ratio.
    • STC SA01167SE (engine modification)
    • STC SA01168SE (aircraft modification to accept modified engine)

Aircraft Seat Modification

We have one STC for pilot/co-pilot seat modifications and one STC for rear seat backrest modification on early model Beech Bonanza aircraft (listed on STC).


STC/PMA modification replaces the existing bench seat in models A-35 thru M-35. This STC allows you to install late style individual pilot and co-pilot seats including headrests and armrest. Track mounted seats are adjustable fore/aft and recline.


STC allows modification of existing rear bench seat by removing backrest and installing 2 adjustable individual backrests. Beech Bonanza models A-35 thru G-35.

STC/PMA models A-35 thru M-35

    • STC SA384WE (pilot/co-pilot seat modification)
    • STC SA507WE (rear seat backrest modification)

Color Coded Knobs

Color coded anodized aluminum alloy control knobs and center buttons. Replaces the discolored, worn, cracked plastic control knobs and buttons. Installs in minutes.

FAA/PMA replacements for model series 35, 33, 36

  • PMA is approved for replacement parts based on identicality of original Beech throttle, propeller, and mixture control knobs.  Knobs are color coded (gold for throttle, blue for propeller, red for mixture) to more easily distinguish control knob function (original parts are all same color/shape).

Adjustable Tow Bar

Convenient tools/flight pubs options that are more personalized for Beech aircraft owners.

Eliminate the possibility of disengaging from the tow pins and falling backwards. Fits securely in the nose wheel to eliminate the possible disconnect from the tow pins

Model Type Certificate Number A-777, 3A15, 3A16, A12CE, A29CE